Business Excellence Enterprise
is your go-to resource for training designed to improve your business.  We offer a comprehensive set of classes that provide participants with opportunities to learn how to improve their data analytic, communication and continuous improvement skills.  BEE endeavors to ensure that every staff member feels empowered to make a positive and significant impact within their department, company, industry and society!


Lean Six Sigma Basics Level

Lean Six Sigma Basics Level provides participants with a foundational knowledge of Lean Six Sigma tools and methodologies while incorporating critical communication, numeracy, and IT success skills.


Project Execution Level

Project Execution Level provides participants with a structured framework for integrating Lean Six Sigma tools and methodologies to complete a process improvement project within their respective business.


Lean Six Sigma Management Level

Lean Six Sigma Management Level prepares participants to successfully manage multiple strategic process improvement projects and become a Lean Six Sigma leader in their organization.

Differentiating Features:

♦ Utilize Google applications
♦ Training offered in a popular tourist destination
♦ Ability to network with other local companies and share Lean Six Sigma experiences
♦ Hands-on experience

♦ Ability to participate in a Kaizen and learn how to run an event with hands-on experience
♦ Meals provided
♦ Small class sizes (10 to 1 – student teacher ratio)
♦ Optional onsite support

Lean Six Sigma Training Options

Our Mission

Elevate the performance of businesses in the greater community through comprehensive education of Radiology Associates’ unique application of business excellence tools and techniques for achieving success.

Our Vision

Create a renowned educational center that trains future leaders in Lean and Six Sigma methods to have a major impact within their company, industry and society.



Jill is an effective instructor/leader and is very knowledgeable and hands on in assisting the development and implementation of the attendees improvement projects.  I loved the accountability and the focused direction that this class gave me, and the networking opportunities it offered.   The return on investment from this training is literally achieved by the end of six weeks, with the implementation of your breakthrough improvement project.  Highly recommended.

Gordon Rivera, Coordinator Campus Graphics

Industry Lecturer, GRC Department, Cal Poly, SLO

BEE training gave me the opportunity to learn project execution in an efficient manner that I can apply to my daily work to improve both efficiency and output.

Megan Winterberg

Director of Operations (South County) for Radiology Associates

BEE Lean Six Sigma (LSS) was just what I was looking for to help me align technology to business. It provided me with a set of scientifically proven tools to help drive IT optimization at my organization. When an organization embraces LSS at all levels, it is like everyone speaking the same language. When everyone speaks the same language, it becomes much more effective and efficient at communicating and achieving organizational objectives. Jill Speece is an excellent teacher of LSS and the smaller classroom setting allowed for personal interaction that enhanced learning. I would not hesitate in recommending the program to anyone who is interested in optimizing and continuously improving her business processes.

Eumi Sprague

Director of Information Technology for Cal Poly Corporation

BEE training has changed my way of thinking about everything I do at my company. It has given me tools to constantly consider how I can improve my processes in order to be more productive as well as eliminate waste in both time and unnecessary work. Jill’s an amazing teacher. She’s patient and helpful and will always try to restructure what she is teaching so we can understand if things get confusing. The materials are very helpful and clear. I recommend these training sessions to anyone who has any concerns about the efficiency or wastefulness of their company or if they’re just trying to improve the current processes to achieve more success within their company.

Julie Bell

Senior Accountant for Radiology Associates